Home for sale

Come, behold this wondrous abode,
Where comfort and convenience coincide.
A single story home, nestled in a prime locale,
A haven for those who seek a respite from the daily toil.

Behold, dear traveler, a diverse range of eateries,
Satisfying the cravings of every palate, oh so savory!
Shopping centers galore, where you can indulge and unwind,
A paradise of retail therapy, a haven for the shopaholic kind.

This home, a pearl amidst the bustling city,
A serene oasis, where one can find peace and serenity.
A space that exudes warmth and homeliness,
A haven for those who seek solace in the midst of business.

And if you seek an investment opportunity,
This home beckons, a rental property of high quality.
Three bedrooms and one-and-a-half baths to boast,
At a 1% purchase to rental ratio, an opportunity not to be lost.

So, dear friend, let us seize this chance,
And make this wondrous abode our new romance.
A dwelling that offers both comfort and investment,
A place we can call home, or a property to rent.
Bryan Spann

I am required by law to provide you with the form Information About Brokerage Services.  Please click on the link to review it before entering into any substantial communication regarding a specific property. 

Did you know you can easily research a Texas Real Estate Agent's credentials by going to www.trec.state.tx.us? Feel free to check my credentials at TREC-Bryan Spann.

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