The pit falls of building business credit

Oh, the temptation of building business credit too fast!
A siren song that lures entrepreneurs with its promises of rapid success.
But beware, dear business owners, for this path can lead you astray,
And the pitfalls of building credit too fast will make you pay.

At first, it seems like a brilliant plan,
To rack up credit and expand your brand.
But soon, you'll find yourself drowning in debt,
With interest rates that you can't forget.

Your credit score will plummet, and your lenders will balk,
At the risky financial game you sought to walk.
Your reputation tarnished, your business in shambles,
You'll wish you'd heeded caution and avoided these gambles.

The pressure to succeed can be intense,
But building credit too fast makes no sense.
Slow and steady wins the race,
Take your time, maintain your pace.

Develop relationships with lenders and earn their trust,
Build a solid foundation and credit will follow, a must.
Remember, building credit is not a race,
Success comes from being patient and maintaining grace.

So, dear entrepreneurs, take heed of my words,
And avoid the temptation of credit-building hurled.
Be patient, build trust, and grow with care,
And your business will thrive, beyond compare.
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