Starting A Business

Oh, aspiring entrepreneur, do you feel the fire within?
The passion to create, to build, to win?
To turn your dreams into reality,
To embark on a journey of vitality.

Starting a business is a path less traveled,
Full of challenges, but also unraveled
Opportunities to learn and grow,
To shape your destiny and let it flow.

You'll need courage, determination, and grit,
A clear vision, and a well-thought-out fit
Between your idea and the market's need,
A solid plan and the willingness to lead.

The road ahead will not be easy,
You'll face obstacles, moments that feel queasy
But don't let fear or doubt hold you back,
Believe in yourself, and stay on track.

Surround yourself with a supportive crew,
A team that shares your vision and values too,
Network, seek advice, and learn from those before,
Listen, observe, and grow even more.

And when you reach the first milestone,
Celebrate, reflect, and let your heart be shown,
For starting a business is not just a means to an end,
It's a journey of self-discovery, a passion to tend.

So, embrace the challenge, follow your heart,
And let your creativity be your finest art,
For starting a business is not just about profit or gain,
It's about making a difference, leaving a legacy, and not living in vain.


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